When it comes to flooring, hospitals present unique challenges to designers and facilities managers. Most hospitals operate 24/7 and safety for patients and employees is a top priority. There are many types of hospital floors and healthcare flooring requirements. As a result, there is a lot to consider when installing a flooring system in a hospital. Here are four trends in hospital flooring that are influencing the flooring decisions at hospitals.

Top 4 Hospital Flooring Trends

1. Safety is priority one in hospital flooring.

With regard to floors, there are two primary safety concerns – slip hazards and surfaces that minimize the risk of infection. When selecting flooring materials, hospitals often look for options that meet or exceed ADA standards for slip resistance. Concrete floor coatings are one alternative that meets hospital flooring standards for safety. For example, when urethane resins are bonded to concrete, it provides a soft surface that is ergonomic for employees, as well as infection resistant and durable.

2. Expedited installation is essential.

Given the round the clock nature of hospital operations, most hospitals don’t have the luxury of selecting flooring for healthcare facilities that take a long time to install. The goal is to minimize the level of disruption to patients and employees. But, there are many concrete flooring solutions that can be completed quickly, with outstanding results.

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3. Environmental concerns are a reality.

Indoor air quality is an issue for hospitals, both during the installation of new floors, as well as in association with their ongoing maintenance. Many concrete floor coatings fit the bill on both fronts. Floors that do not require maintenance with chemicals means that the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) released into the air and the hospital waste stream is minimized.

4. Aesthetics are increasingly important to patients.

Many hospitals have recognized that patients prefer healthcare facilities that are attractive and offer a hotel-like experience. As a result, aesthetics is an important criterion when hospitals are selecting flooring materials. Concrete flooring options like terrazzo, for example, are often a top choice for hospital lobbies and reception areas. These solutions come in a variety of colors and patterns and are highly durable – lasting for decades.

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