Vapor Mitigation – Moisture in Concrete Flooring
vaporA growing problem in buildings with concrete floors is moisture getting into the concrete itself.  Left unchecked, this could become a major issue which can drastically reduce the lifespan of a concrete-based floor and warp decorative vinyl or tiling.

Concrete is naturally porous, which means it is easy for liquids to pass through, especially in vaporous form.  Moreover, common types of concrete are made from stones such as limestone, which naturally have a small amount of water in them.  Any moisture which is in, or under, the concrete layer can quickly pass upwards through the concrete and start undermining the upper layers.

This has become a bigger concern lately because of the rapid pace at which buildings are being constructed.  With tight timetables, it’s common for concrete drying times to be pushed down to their absolute minimum.  The upper surfaces are often applied when the concrete isn’t 100% dry, which just traps more moisture within the concrete itself. Within years, sometimes even just months, the upper layers can start to fail – which is not only unacceptable for commercial and industrial flooring, it can be downright dangerous, compromising the integrity of the system.

Vapor Mitigation Systems
Fortunately, with the right preparation and a knowledgeable concrete flooring contractor – water vapor and other forms of moisture don’t have to threaten your concrete floors.

Vapor mitigation systems (also called moisture mitigation) are sealants which are applied directly to the concrete surface and trap any remaining moisture within the slab itself.  In other cases, they are additives mixed directly into the concrete which reduce its porosity when dry.  Upper layers can then be applied securely, ensuring moisture won’t permeate and deteriorate the flooring solution.

Vapor mitigation systems are becoming commonplace to protect concrete substrate and commercial floors. Modern vapor mitigation is also compatible with green building practices. Modern systems are water-based, rather than relying on volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) and other substances which are harmful to people and the planet.  Some mitigation methods can even qualify for LEED credits.

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