Polished concrete has emerged as a popular choice for many cost-conscious companies. Formulas are being engineered to provide added safety and an appealing look and feel to enhance almost any space it’s installed.

At Black Bear, we have witnessed the rise of polished concrete surfaces as a preferred design element and viable flooring solution. Our team is frequently called upon to experiment with emerging techniques and we remain on the cutting edge of concrete technology. Black Bear doesn’t shy away from applications that have never been tried. We pride ourselves on setting precedence by trying new methods of installation and engineering formulas to provide the best concrete solutions to our commercial and industrial clients.

From performance to design, Black Bear Coatings & Concrete ensures that each client’s individual needs are recognized and reflected in the product we provide for optimal results. Take a look at some of the reasons polished concrete surfaces have become an ideal choice for clients in the below infographic, “7 Benefits of Polished Concrete”, and check out our portfolio and client list to learn why more businesses and general contractors trust Black Bear to engineer longer lasting concrete, epoxy, urethane, and MMA solutions.

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benefits of polished concrete