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When they enter a store, most consumers are focused on locating the perfect find. Whether they are just browsing or there with intent of purchasing a specific item, buyers rarely notice the floors beneath their feet. Owners and managers however, are conscientious of the impact commercial retail flooring can have on their business.

Environmental Impact
Buying trends are continuously evaluated based on several factors, one of which is climate. Weather influences commerce. And, commercial flooring is also subject to the weather. Change in seasons and shifting temps in New England bring precipitation that can have a negative effect on floors. Tracking moisture from rain and puddles can lead to slippery surfaces and increase liability concerns for business owners. Salts and snowmelt can also deteriorate a store’s commercial flooring solution if it’s not engineered appropriately.

Aside from New England’s weather, internal stressors from movable racks and displays can chip away at floors causing unsightly holes, and more importantly, resulting in safety risks to employees and customers. Storeroom areas are also vulnerable to cracking under the weight of heavy loads. Retail spaces require the durability to withstand constant foot traffic, motion, and load baring structures that result in wear and tear in this industry.

Epoxy & Polished Concrete Solutions

Indoor/Outdoor Entryways Merchandising Floor Stock Rooms
Durable Slip & Stain Resistant Easily Cleaned & Maintained
Low/No VOC Custom Colors & Designs Seamless Surfaces

Custom Engineered Flooring for Retail Clients
Black Bear Coatings & Concrete, the Northeast’s leading commercial retail flooring expert, partners with stores and shopping malls to provide longer-lasting, customized solutions. We’ve helped well-known brands including CVS, Gap, Harley-Davison, Kimball Farm, Aubuchon Hardware, Forever 21, Edible Arrangements, Lacoste, and Rite Aid, as well as independently owned and operated shops.

From durability to design, Black Bear understands that today’s retail spaces have a very specific set of criteria, and each brand has their own look and feel.  Our epoxy and polished concrete solutions are a popular choice for their virtually indestructible surfaces engineered for safety and reliability.

Black Bear customizes each product to meet the unique needs of the business. We stencil logos and designs, and customize the color to complement your brand. We make every effort to enhance the look and feel of a retail space. Our energy efficient, environmentally friendly products can be installed quickly and we work with you to ensure little to no downtime.

Partner with Black Bear for the best indoor or outdoor concrete coatings installation, renovation, repair, and restoration of commercial floors for retail spaces and shopping plazas. Call us at 978-405-0017, or contact us for a free, on-site consultation with our experts.

With over 25 years of experience, our crews have the skills required to create a floor that meets each client’s unique maintenance and aesthetic needs. Call Black Bear to learn how we provide longer-lasting, more effective solutions.

Black Bear is a leading concrete and coatings flooring company that serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). Rest assured that we have the staff, equipment, and expertise needed to make your floor project a success. We spend time upfront to assess each client’s needs, identify the best flooring solution, engage in the right preparation, and then install the floor using industry best practices. We’d love to help your company.

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