About Us

The Northeast’s Leading Industrial Coatings Expert


Black Bear Coatings & Concrete is a partner you can trust. Our team has over 25 years experience designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining concrete floors – we’ve done it all. With innovative techniques and cutting-edge technology, we’ve become the preferred partner of industry leaders.

Black Bear specializes in Decorative & Designer Epoxy, Urethane Mortars, Surface Restoration, Cementitious Coatings, Polishing, Mitigation Systems, and more.

Our comprehensive approach centers around engineering the correct resinous coating to install as defined by the performance of the material in a specific space (e.g. mechanical, manufacturing, clean rooms, etc.) This requires complete understanding of the environmental conditions of a particular area; substrate condition, chemical exposure, impact resistance, wear resistance, thermal shock, and aesthetics. In an existing/operating facility it is also important to consider the impact on operations.