Finding the right flooring Brewery Flooringsolution for a brewery or brewpub is no easy task.  The rigors of brewing make a lot of demanding requirements on the floor, and a poor choice in flooring can severely hamper operations.  It’s vital to find a floor that will be reliable for years, without compromising the product.

These are the most important factors to look for:

Strength: When your brite tanks can easily weight a ton or more when filled, you need a floor capable of holding up that weight without buckling or cracking.  Few flooring materials have that strength.

Resistance to temperature fluctuation: A brewery’s floors don’t only have to deal with room temperatures – the nature of the product means they could be in hot or cold environments, or even deal with rapid temperature shifts due to spills.

Easy cleaning: Small spills are a part of life in the brewing business, and cleaning up minor messes shouldn’t disrupt production.  A great brewery floor should need the least possible cleaning effort, without compromising safety.

Resistance to contamination: Many flooring types, as well as those that are older or cracked, provide havens for microorganisms to breed and thrive.  This could, of course, be ruinous to a brewing operation.  Your floor must do everything possible to prevent contaminants from breeding.

Slip resistance: If there was a spill, would your workers still be able to maintain their footing even on a wet floor?  Slip-resistant flooring can help prevent costly accidents!

Longevity: No floor will last forever, but you should get plenty of years from your investment.  Then, when the floor does start to take damage, it should be easy to repair without major disruption to your operation.

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