A Look Inside (and Out) at Commercial Concrete Coatings Used for Retail Construction

Every inch of a retail space is orchestrated to facilitate a sale.  As more stores incorporate custom colors and designs into their commercial flooring to complement the look of branded spaces, epoxy, urethane, and polished concrete products become an integral component in a buyer’s journey.

A popular solution for retail construction projects, these concrete coatings are typically engineered with safety and durability top of mind. Additives ensure slip and moisture resistance, as well as the integrity to withstand tough industry stressors – decreasing the need for flooring renovation and repair. They are also highly customizable.

Epoxy, urethane, and polished concrete coatings may be speckled with multi-color flakes, mixed to match branding pantone colors, high gloss or matte finished, and stenciled or outlined in different colors to create appealing designs and directional guides on floors. While retail store owners don’t want to detract attention from their racks and displays, decorative flooring can be an appealing enhancement.

Black Bear, the Northeast’s leading industrial flooring expert, partners with retail stores and shopping plazas throughout the region. We’ve completed a number of projects for local and national brands that range from innovative floor coatings with complementing countertops to external concrete and storefront facades. Take a look at a few of our projects for the retail industry.

Forever 21
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Harley Davidson
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retail concrete coatingsretail concrete coatings

The Black Bear Approach
Engineering the right commercial flooring solution for a retail space is a highly individualized process. Black Bear experts take the time to conduct an extensive on-site consultation, and interview those involved in the project to fully understand how the space is intended to be used, and environmental factors that could have a negative impact on a foundation. Our unique approach to “reverse-engineering” the solutions we recommend ensures a longer lasting commercial floor.

Whether we’re partnering with nationally recognized brands like Pet’s Plus or local businesses such as Enchanted Fireside or Camosse Masonry Supply, Black Bear Coatings & Concrete provides the same level of service and attention to detail that guarantees a better flooring solution.

Contact us to learn more about our epoxy, urethane, and polished concrete commercial coatings for retail stores that are fast curing and enhance the look and feel of your space.

Black Bear Coatings & Concrete engineers solutions for the food and beverage industry including epoxy, urethane, MMA and polished concrete floors. We offer longer-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing floors that are durable and easy to maintain. To learn more about Black Bear solutions for breweries and micro-brew restaurants, contact the experts at Black Bear Coatings & Concrete.

The industrial flooring experts will value engineer the right solution for your facility. We would be happy to discuss what solution would best fit your needs. We have years of experience working with industry leaders in a variety of sectors. Black Bear is a leading concrete and coatings industrial flooring company that serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). Rest assured that we have the staff, equipment, and expertise needed to make your floor project a success.

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