Epoxy, St. Bernard’s Athletic Center, Fitchburg, MA

Epoxy, St. Bernard’s Athletic Center, Fitchburg, MA

Show your school spirit from the ground up.

Once used solely as outdoor pavers and for utilitarian spaces such as storage and cafeterias, educational facilities are now turning to concrete solutions to enhance the overall look and feel of a school.

Concrete has long been touted for its durability. Virtually indestructible, this surface is ideal for the constant foot traffic found in hallways and classrooms on a regular basis. In addition, it’s easier to maintain and more cost effective than other flooring systems.

As facility managers contemplate new flooring for common spaces in schools and universities, they tend to employ solutions that complement the aesthetics, and mesh with a school’s branding and identity. More institutions, including public and private schools, specialty academies, and universities, are also discovering and taking advantage of lesser known benefits of decorative concrete solutions that can be customized to meet their individual needs.

Epoxy, Harvard University Locker Room, Cambridge, MA

Epoxy, Harvard University Locker Room, Cambridge, MA

School Pride
Most schools have a mascot, logo, or descriptive phrase that they use to differentiate themselves. Stenciling concrete and designing an insignia on the floor is an option that can enhance an entry way or main lobby of a school. Using custom colors or polished concrete to display branding colors can create a surface that will scream school spirit.

Guiding Direction
It’s not uncommon for hospitals and manufacturing facilities to include directional arrows or indicators on floors (utilizing 5S and Lean practices) to help guide people through the buildings. Larger schools and campuses are discovering the benefits of customized concrete using guides to steer foot traffic in the right direction.

Going Green
As new builds emerge and renovations of older structures are initiated, schools are turning to green construction to enhance their buildings. Concrete floors are energy efficient and can help to save on heating and cooling costs. Plus, concrete is a recyclable material, and the durability and sustainability translates into less waste. Concrete can minimize the school’s carbon footprint.

Black Bear Coatings and Concrete has been a preferred partner of institutions and educational facilities across New England. Our quick curing concrete floors minimize downtime and disruption when needing to be installed during the school year. And, our pre-scheduled renovation and installation projects are completed swiftly during school closures and in the summer months.

We value-engineer solutions for individual spaces including no-VOC and chemical resistant floors for lab classrooms, and use moisture mitigation systems in wet spaces such as lavatories and locker rooms. Our decorative concrete, epoxy, and urethane topcoats adorn hallways, gymnasiums, and auditoriums in facilities of all sizes. Black Bear has partnered with Harvard University, the Groton School, Babson College, Massasoit Community College,  St. Bernards High School, and Ms. Tanya’s Dance School to create decorative solutions that are both functional and unique.

To learn more about Black Bear’s customized approach for educational facilities, contact us, or call 978.405.0017 for a comprehensive on-site consultation.

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