Epoxy floor coatings are one of the tried-and-true mainstays of floor solutions among a wide variety of commercial and industrial applications.  From commercial kitchens to pharmaceutical research laboratory facilities, there’s an epoxy flooring solution that can accommodate even the most stringent set of requirements.

Why Do So Businesses Rely Heavily on Epoxy Flooring Solutions?

1 – A Seamless, Easy-to-Clean Surface

Because epoxy is applied as a coating on top of another floor material, typically concrete, it creates a perfectly smooth and seamless surface.  This is both hygienic, because it doesn’t leave gaps that trap microbes, as well as making it simple to clean.

2 – High Chemical Resistance

While not impervious to all aggressive byproducts, epoxy flooring is extremely durable and can be engineered to resist most types of chemicals commonly used in commercial and industrial facilities.

3 – Affordable and Fast Curing

Epoxy is an affordable option for many facilities.  It’s also fast to cure, so it can be applied to your floor without too much additional labor cost, and with minimal downtime involved.

4 – Plenty of Style Options

Unlike many floor coating types, epoxy comes in a wide variety of styles and colors to fit your overall design.  There are even metal-blended epoxies which produce stunning “three-dimensional” color displays for cutting-edge showrooms and other applications that need to impress visitors.  Epoxy floor colors can also be used to differentiate between zones in a warehouse or other large facility.

5 – Improve Workplace Safety

Depending on the type of epoxy coatings used, it can be slip-resistant, impact-resistant, heat/fire resistant, or all of the above.  It may look smooth and slick, but epoxy can be even safer to walk on than many other flooring types.  It’s also safer for any workplace vehicles, such as forklifts, because it reduces wear-and-tear on them.

6 – Brightness Options

Do you have issues with visibility in portions of your facilities?  Epoxy coatings can help with that!  High-gloss variations can increase visible lighting in a facility by up to 30% by reflecting it upwards, whereas other materials like concrete tend to absorb light instead.

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