Commercial and industrial floors can take quite the beating. With ‘round-the-clock foot traffic, machinery and vehicle tread, environmental impact, and regular sanitization, flooring for these areas are subject to intense stressors. To reduce the risk of repair and replacement, engineering commercial flooring systems for high traffic areas requires addressing the different coating options, additional additives, and site preparation to ensure precision installation.

Commercial Coatings for High Traffic Floors
Epoxy floor coatings are synonymous with durability, while cementitious urethane is touted for properties that withstand extreme temperature changes. Both are popular choices for high traffic commercial flooring areas, though the needs of the individual space will help a contractor determine the right solution.

Additives, such as aluminum oxide that minimizes the impact of high abrasion, can be formulated into coatings for extra protection. Other considerations may include the level of slip-resistance needed, chemicals used in regular maintenance that could expedite erosion, or wetness protection that could require vapor mitigation prior to installation.

Site Preparation
In order for coatings to adhere properly to concrete, there must be a mechanical bond and a chemical bond. When selecting a commercial flooring partner, it’s important that you discuss surface prep prior to coating. A crucial first step for any contractor will be to gather information about the space. This will help to engineer a solution, and to determine the relative humidity of the concrete flooring and whether salt levels are elevated. Performance relies on proper installation, and preparing the substrate for bondage is critical to the process. The concrete should be profiled to identify site preparations that must be completed prior to any coatings.

The Black Bear team, with over 30 years of combined expertise, has been integral in renovating and installing commercial flooring solutions for companies throughout the Northeast. Our unique, individualized approach, and proven processes involves an in-depth understanding of each space to engineer the right solution and perfect installation.

Learn more about our epoxy, urethane, and polished concrete solutions for commercial spaces. Take a look at projects we have completed for clients in the manufacturing industry, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, municipalities, and for corporate and retail brands. Find out about our expertise in concrete surface prep, mitigation systems, and underlayments to discover how Black Bear Coatings and Concrete can design a longer-lasting, customized solution for your business.

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