Failing Epoxy Floor

Learn about industrial concrete problems relating to moisture and stained floors. Black Bear Coatings & Concrete works with large facilities to ensure the right flooring is used for the individual business’ needs.

1 Inconsistent Acid Staining

Not every concrete floor in a facility is a good candidate for stain. Applying too little or too much stain can produce blotchy results, which can be exacerbated by the use of mops, rollers, or squeegees during the application process. After the stain is applied correctly, maintenance efforts are often required to ensure an even appearance for the long term.

2 Efflorescence

Water in concrete, whether in liquid or vapor form, picks up excess salt and carries it to the surface. This is known as efflorescence. The pressure from the moisture vapor and salts either doesn’t let the dye penetrate to start with or actually forces it out of the concrete over time. This can be cleaned form the surface using a dilution of 1 part distilled vinegar to 5 parts water (increase concentrations for problem areas in larger facilities).

3 Humidity

BB_large_remarketing_300x250If the relative humidity in the concrete slab is different than the relative humidity of the air above the slab, then moisture is going to try to move in or out of the slab. Without a vapor barrier, the relative humidity in the slab just below the surface can often be 100%. Since the air in a facility is seldom that humid, moisture is going to move from the slab into the air and as the surface dries a bit it will draw moisture up from the bottom.

4 Moisture Vapor Emission

Water is required to turn cement, sand, and aggregate into a concrete slab. Moisture Vapor Emission occurs when moisture that is not part of the concrete mix moves out of the concrete, or can be a result of ground water, plumbing, or other water sources. Symptoms of this type of failure include bubbles, blisters, and delamination.

5 Osmosis

Osmosis is one of the main factors that can cause a facility floor to fail. Osmosis occurs when actual moisture vapor emission through the concrete slab tries to equalize the soluble ions at the surface of concrete slab. This creates a pressure that can be greater than the adhesion strength of the coating.

Black Bear Concrete contractors have the experience and first-hand knowledge to help your facility avoid these issues – before they come up and ruin your project. We can even help you repair any existing concrete problems you may have.

Black Bear will work directly with you or your general contractor to develop a longer-lasting product that saves money and withstands the environmental elements in the Northeast. Whether it’s new construction to enhance the look and feel of your property, or a restoration project that ensures the safety of your patrons, trust the professionals at Black Bear Coatings & Concrete to make sure you get the exact concrete foundation and restoration services that you want and need.

With over 25 years of experience, our crews have the skills required to create a production floor that meets each client’s unique maintenance and aesthetic needs. Call Black Bear to learn how we provide longer-lasting, more effective solutions for manufacturing and production buildings.

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