When constructingcommercial freezer a commercial or industrial freezer, it’s always been important to think in terms of health and safety – and it’s even more important with the coronavirus still spreading around the country.  Your industrial freezer must be as safe and free from contamination as possible, both for your sake, as well as the sake of any customers or visitors.

One of the most important factors in creating a safe commercial freezer is the choice of flooring.  Too many operations choose traditional tile-and-grout floors for their freezer, but this will cause a lot of problems.  Resinous coatings are a much better option!

Why Traditional Tiles Are A Poor Choice For Commercial Freezer Floors

Simply put, traditional tiles held together by grout are extremely difficult to clean, and can easily become havens for bacteria and other contaminants.

The grout which holds tiles together is porous, which means anything which spills on them will tend to sink into the grout.  This can be cleaned, but it requires a lot of effort.  If any material is missed, that creates a breeding ground for microorganisms – potentially contaminating anything in the freezer.

In a worse case scenario, if there were a health inspection after this happened, a business could suddenly have a lot of new problems to deal with!  Operations have been shut down for much less.

The better choice for commercial freezers – or almost any space dealing with foods or bio-medical storage – is a resinous coating, such as epoxy!

The Benefits Of Resinous Flooring For Commercial Freezers

When you use a concrete floor with a strong resinous coating, you get a lot of benefits without much drawback.

commercial freezerThe biggest benefit for commercial freezers is that resinous floor coatings create a seamless edge-to-edge surface which is completely unbroken.  That means, if any kind of spill occurs, it becomes extremely easy to clean up.  The surface is completely non-permeable, so the spill stays in one place.  Likewise, there’s nowhere for dirt or contaminants to go and provide a breeding ground.  The lack of seams means that even the edges of the unit, where floor meets wall, are simple to keep clean.

Further, there are no special requirements for cleaning a resinous floor.  It can be mopped or wiped down like any other non-porous surface.  This gives you a simple way to keep your freeze clean and safe.

There are other benefits to resinous coatings as well:

  • Resin is extremely hard, and will resist damage even from falling objects.
  • Repairs to resinous floors are simple, should a crack ever occur.  They can be patched by just adding a bit more resin.
  • Despite their shiny appearance, resinous floors are actually quite grippy – and that’s important in a freezer, since they can reduce slipping hazards.
  • Resinous floor coatings are extremely affordable, offering a superior price-vs-performance ratio.

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