Flooring in Healthcare FacilitiesThe most common flooring problems for healthcare facilities can be captured by the “three S’s” – sanitation, slip resistance, and strength. Resinous coatings over concrete are a proven way to address these issues:


      When epoxy floor coatings are applied over concrete, one of the major benefits is that they create a seamless and non-porous surface. This prevents liquids, such as water, medications, or bodily fluids, from entering the structure of the floor which can cause dangerous bacteria or mold and mildew to grow.

Slip resistance. Another advantage of epoxy floor coatings is that they offer a coefficient of friction that prevents slips and falls. This is essential to ensure patient safety, as well as a safe working environment for healthcare employees.

Strength. Epoxy coatings that are applied over concrete provide a durable flooring surface. The no-wax finish is low-maintenance which translates into reduced maintenance costs. These durable, stain resistant floors create a positive impression for patients and visitors, as well.

Although healthcare flooring can be a challenge, the most common issues are not insurmountable. Black Bear Coatings and Concrete has worked with numerous healthcare facilities and installed floor solutions that provide sanitary, slip-resistant, and strong surfaces for employees and patients alike.

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