Business owners looking for new or replacement flooring have a number of choices to select from. Most companies go back and forth with whether to lay tile or select a stylized form of concrete. On the surface (pun intended) both options may seem appropriate and will get the job done. But, before making a final decision, you’ll want to define the job itself.

Take a look at considerations to determine whether tile or concrete flooring is better for your business.

What Do You Do? – The first and foremost consideration is the type of business you are running. A restaurant, a manufacturing plant, a healthcare facility, an office – each of these businesses contributes a different set of stressors to a floor, and will require unique specifications.

Where Is This Going? – Look at the environment you are installing commercial floor in. An office space will be vastly different than a warehouse, and a retail store will be subject to more foot-traffic than say a laboratory. How the space is going to be used is an important factor in determining tile versus concrete.

What’s the Budget? – Depending upon the type of concrete and tile flooring up for consideration, the cost per square foot could escalate quickly. Polished concrete will be more affordable than many porcelain tile designs, though vinyl will be a less expensive option. The size of the area will help determine the budget and narrow down your options – making it easier for you to select a floor.

How will it function? – Most people don’t realize the critical role commercial flooring plays in the safety, hygiene and production of a business. For example, a manufacturing plant with around-the-clock motion needs a smooth, seamless flooring system to prevent buckling and workplace hazards. A commercial kitchen requires a surface that won’t trap moisture and byproducts to prevent bacteria and mold. A hospital requires the durability to withstand harsh chemicals and sanitization that can erode floors quickly. The amount of foot-traffic, the environmental impact, and governing regulations of a business are all considerations when deciding if tile or concrete flooring is the right choice.

What does it need to look like? – In today’s commercial flooring marketplace you have style choices – many many style choices. Tile and concrete alone offer numerous color, design and customization options that support the aesthetics of a business. As you deliberate which floor is more appropriate for your space, consider the look and feel you are trying to achieve and how the flooring can enhance the overall environment.

Tile flooring used to offer more in the way of style, whereas concrete was synonymous with durability. However, polished concrete has come a long way in terms of customization, and now offers more flexibility to tailor a look and feel to your business. Coupled with unparalleled resiliency and easier maintenance, commercial concrete flooring has given tile a run for the money. A longer-lasting system results in a more cost-effective option for many companies, which may account for the shift to concrete in a number of industries.

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