Polished concrete floors are a great alternative for many different environments. There are several reasons why this type of flooring has become so popular. If you are considering different options for the floors in your facility, here are seven factors which may convince you that polished concrete is the way to go.

1. Aesthetic appeal. Polished concrete looks great, thanks to its smooth, seam-free surface. Facility owners can select from finishes ranging from satin to high gloss. The choice is yours, depending on the look you want to achieve.

2. Low maintenance. One of the major advantages of polished concrete is that it requires no waxes or coatings. Cleaning the floor is easy. Polished concrete is one of the lowest maintenance flooring solutions available.

3. Cost effective. Unless your concrete floor is not structurally sound, there is a very high probability that you can have a polished concrete floor. Working with an existing floor is far more economical than tearing out concrete and starting from scratch.

4. Quick to install. Polished concrete floors do not require long periods of time to install. That means less downtime and disruption for your business.

5. Durable. Polished concrete floors are harder and stronger than other floor options. They will not flake and the polished surface resists tire marks from equipment or vehicles.

6. Safe. Although polished concrete floors look smooth and glossy, they aren’t slippery for employees and customers to walk on. Polished concrete floors typically meet or exceed the OSHA recommended static coefficient of friction of 0.5.

7. Environmentally friendly. Since polished concrete floors usually require no chemicals that must be cured, they rarely emit any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). As a result, they are an environmentally friendly option and a great alternative for LEED projects.

There’s a lot to like about polished concrete floors, but it’s not a DIY project! It requires expertise and specialized equipment to get a floor that looks its best. Black Bear Coatings & Concrete is a leading concrete and coatings flooring company that serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). We have worked with commercial and industrial clients for over 25 years on projects that include polished concrete floors. Give us a call to learn more about this versatile flooring alternative!

We spend time upfront to assess each client’s needs, identify the best flooring solution, engage in the right preparation, and then install the floor using industry best practices. We’d love to help your company. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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