When manufacturers consider commercial flooring, many look for a single solution that will satisfy the requirements of every area of a plant. This not only simplifies installation, but it also provides a consistent look throughout a commercial space. Epoxy flooring is a popular choice for pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities for this particular reason.
Epoxy coatings are touted for high performance under severe conditions. Its ability to withstand a multitude of environmental toxins and resist wear make it a cost-effective solution that lasts longer than other products. The smooth, seamless surface and chemical and moisture resistance are ideal for pharmaceutical production spaces, clean rooms, and labs; while the durability to endure machinery weight and motion commonly found in manufacturing helps to maintain the integrity of the surface.

Epoxy Flooring: Before and After Pictures

Black Bear has installed countless epoxy coatings, and has designed environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing solutions for a number of pharmaceutical companies in New England. Take a look at our sample gallery below to see how epoxy coatings can be installed throughout the different spaces within pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities.


Epoxy Floors for Laboratories & Clean Rooms

Sterile Area – Hopkinton, MA

Epoxy Flooring: Sterile Area – Hopkinton, MA







Laboratory – Boylston, MA

Epoxy Flooring: Laboratory – Boylston, MA







Epoxy Floors Mechanical Rooms

Mechanical Room – Boylston, MA

Epoxy Flooring: Mechanical Room – Boylston, MA







Epoxy Floors for Cafeterias & Lobbies
Benefits: durable, easily cleaned, slip resistant

Cafe – Cambridge, MA

Epoxy Flooring: Cafe – Cambridge, MA







Epoxy Floors for Loading Docks

Loading Dock – Andover, MA

Epoxy Flooring: Loading Dock – Andover, MA







BB_Pharma_300x250As the leading commercial coatings partner in the Northeast, Black Bear Coatings & Concrete’s unique process involves value-engineering industrial flooring based on environmental impact. We formulate solutions to last longer, and exceed safety regulations commonly found in manufacturing plants.

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