When you need durability, slip resistance, chemical resistance, and waterproofing products, Black Bear value-engineers high performance urethane floors that delivers. Formulating and installing the right poly aliphatic and poly aspartic urethane products will provide a longer-lasting, more reliable and compliant solution.

High Performance Urethane Flooring

urethane flooring

High performance urethane is ideal for environments such as manufacturing and processing facilities, healthcare settings, and pharmaceutical engineering industries. The zero VOC products deliver environmentally friendly flooring, while providing the safety and integrity needed to uphold strict regulations. From clean rooms to the production floor, high performance urethane provides a seamless surface, prevents the growth of bacteria, supports vapor mitigation systems and pitched floors for drainage, and withstands intense industrial-strength cleansers and sanitization processes.

With exemplary abrasion and impact resistance, high performance urethane can be formulated for advanced thermal shock protection against fluctuating temperatures for additional protection against environmental elements. Available in numerous color, finish, and texture options including custom colors and broadcast flakes, Black Bear’s urethane floor solutions are as resilient as they are robust in design – giving you the reliability you need in a floor while enhancing the look and feel of every space.

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  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Durability
  • Easily Cleaned
  • Environmentally Friendly

Common Uses

  • Food and Beverage Processing Facilities
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Chemical Industry Facilities
  • Healthcare