creating a urethane or epoxy seamless floor coating system

If you’re looking for a seamless floor surface that’s also highly resistant to a wide variety of hazards, from rough usage to chemical spills, epoxy and urethane coatings are a great choice. Either epoxy or urethane can create an absolutely smooth, seamless surface that’s perfect for businesses of all types.

A urethane or epoxy seamless floor surface brings numerous benefits, including the following:

Top 3 Benefits for Urethane or Epoxy Seamless Floor Coating Systems:

1 – Easy to clean and sterilize

When hygiene matters, a urethane or epoxy seamless floor solution is the only viable option. Unlike carpets or tile-based floors, the seamless surface created by epoxy or urethane prevents the growth of mold, mildew, bacteria, or any other microbial life. Even a basic floor coating is easy to clean, and some formulations can include antibiotic properties as well.

2 – Standing up to heavy use

A concrete floor covered by either epoxy or urethane will be able to hold up to just about any kind of work you do on it. You don’t have to worry about heavy machinery like forklifts ruining the floor. It will be extremely difficult for your workforce to accidentally damage the urethane or epoxy seamless floor system either.

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3 – Strong spill resistance

Epoxy and urethane seamless floor coatings are both chemical-resistant and can be formulated to stand up against any specific chemicals you might be working with. They also, of course, resist damage from water and other everyday liquids as well. Plus, despite often being shiny, these coatings are slip-resistant so you don’t have to worry about the safety of your workforce.

So what’s the difference between epoxy and urethane? It’s subtle, but there are a few distinguishing features when considering a urethane or epoxy seamless floor.

Epoxy requires mixing two or more reactive agents together, then spreading the resulting mix before it hardens.  The result is extremely hard but can be a bit brittle, so epoxy is better for situations where the dangers come from heavy traffic rather than impact damage. Commercial epoxy flooring also takes extra time to mix and cure, so it’s not the fastest solution for coating a floor.

Urethane, on the other hand, is slightly rubbery – not surprising, since it’s a plastic mix. This makes it better for situations where impacts are likely, but not as good a fit for heavy machinery. Urethane is also faster to deploy, although it does usually cost a bit more than epoxy.

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Black Bear Seamless Flooring Solutions

Black Bear Coatings & Concrete, the industrial flooring experts, has over 25 years’ of combined expertise engineering and installing flawless urethane and epoxy seamless floor solutions. Our team is the trusted professional in this niche industry. We value-engineer flooring solutions based on the environmental factors that could impact the longevity of your floor. This provides a longer-lasting product. Our pioneering installation techniques that result in industry standard ensures a timely, accurate delivery that minimizes disruption in operations and keeps the focus on your business.

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