Commercial kitchens in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and hospitals are subject to constant stress. Harsh cleaning products can damage floors; moisture and food byproducts can seep into substrate and cause bacteria and mold; and buckling and slick conditions can result in major safety concerns.

Commercial kitchen flooring has evolved over the last decade. There are numerous options that couple function with fashion, and sustainability and safety.

Five things to consider when selecting industrial flooring for your commercial kitchen include:

1. Safety as a Priority
For the benefit of your employees and customers, a skid-resistant, non-slip, and seamless flooring system that will protect from the dangers of trips and falls is a top priority for commercial kitchen managers.

2. Sanitization and Maintenance
Commercial kitchens are subject to very rigid standards when it comes to hygiene and sterility. Floors are cleaned and sanitized daily to avoid contamination. Select a floor that will be easy to maintain, keep clean, and won’t trap moisture to avoid bacteria, mold and fungus.

3. Durability
As a high-traffic area with the constant stress of motion, commercial kitchens require durable flooring. Harsh chemicals and cleaning products used regularly can erode kitchen floors quicker than other areas. Select a product that can withstand industrial strength cleaning agents and will last longer to reduce the need for replacement and repair.

4. Minimizing Downtime
Commercial kitchens have little room for disruption in service. Look for a flooring system that can be installed quickly and easily to reduce any loss of revenue and to keep the slowing of production to a minimum.

5. Visual Appeal
There are several commercial kitchen flooring options that offer customization and design. Select a style that supports the overall look and feel of your environment – from enhancing restaurant décor, to complementing a color scheme in the kitchen’s workspace.

Epoxy, Urethane and MMA flooring systems offer restaurateurs and commercial kitchen designers the benefits of function and aesthetics.

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