Pick the Right Concrete Contractor; Proceed with Confidence

At Black Bear Coatings & Concrete, we have a saying: “Coatings don’t fail; installers do. It’s sad but true. In an industry that is going through as much change as concrete is today, it’s just too easy to find a concrete contractor or vendor who isn’t right for your job.

So when it comes to choosing a concrete contractor for your next project, don’t settle for the first one you find in the phone book, or simply the one who gives you the lowest price. Instead, make sure you find a concrete contractor who offers the right blend of experience, technical know-how, artistry, and passion for the job.

Top Questions to Ask a Concrete Contractor:

  • Do they ask you questions about your vision for the project?
  • Are they up to date on the latest science and technology related to concrete? (There’s more to it than you think.)
  • How experienced are they in the latest artistic techniques, such as staining, coloring, texturing/finishing, and cutting? Do they have examples of their methods of placing concrete?
  • Did they ask what functional requirements you may have? (For example, steel wheels on forklifts can damage particular concrete finishes.)
  • Do they offer a full warranty on their work?
  • Are they passionate about your project?
  • Only one vendor can pass the test, and we believe we are the right concrete contractor for you.
With over 25 years of experience designing functional and attractive flooring for commercial and industrial clients, Black Bear is the trusted partner for epoxy, urethane, MMA, and polished concrete coatings. Black Bear serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). Rest assured that we have the staff, equipment, and expertise needed to make your floor project a success. We spend time upfront to assess each client’s needs, identify the best flooring solution, engage in the right preparation, and then install the floor using industry best practices. Take a look at some of our completed projects, and contact us for a free on-site consultation. Learn how Black Bear can value engineer the right solution for your business.