grow room flooring maintenanceIf you’re building a grow room for legal marijuana cultivation, chances are you’re building it to adhere as closely as possible to existing regulations for the food & drug industry. This typically means you’re probably looking into grow room flooring and resinous floor coatings. A concrete floor covered by epoxy or polyurethane is an ideal solution to creating a safe, sanitary environment for products intended for human consumption.

Resinous floors are also fairly low-maintenance. They are easily cared for, and when tended to regularly, extends an already lengthy lifespan. Proper grow room flooring maintenance will also ensure hygienic conditions and reduce the risk of contamination, making resinous flooring a good choice for biomedical operations.

Five Critical Tips For Grow Room Flooring Maintenance:

1 – Address Spills Immediately

Resinous floors are waterproof, however, standing liquid can damage the surface over time. Not to mention puddles create slipping risks and hazardous work conditions. Fortunately (unless the spill is in some way toxic), you can simply wipe down the floor with a towel or mop.

2 – Have a Cleaning Schedule in Place

One of the biggest dangers to resinous floors isn’t spills or dropped objects. It’s the smaller particles digging into the resin over time. A scheduled weekly cleaning should remove any small debris and foreign objects that might wear away the coating.

3 – Avoid Jack Stands Directly on the Floor

Resinous floors are strong, but significant weight can result in cracking. This is particularly the case if that weight is focused on a small amount of space. If you’re using jack stands, kickstands, or similar stands which will create isolated pressure, spread it out by placing wooden blocks beneath the stands.

4 – Avoid Strong Cleaning Products

Acid-based cleaning products (such as those with citrus) can corrode the flooring over time. Likewise, avoid abrasive cleaners which can eat away the surface. Also, while soap is technically safe for floors, it can leave a slippery film which may be unsafe for workers. Consider alternatives when planning your sanitization process.

5 – Sweep Prior to Heavy Rolling Equipment

If you ever need to use heavier equipment, such as a forklift for moving stock, sweep the floor with a soft-bristled broom prior to use. Otherwise, the vehicle’s wheels could push debris into the floor coating getting caught in the floor. Or, it could scratch the surface which could compromise the integrity of the floor.

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