When it comes to flooring in operating rooms, cleanliness is a top priority. Hospitals are very concerned about infections, so hygiene in every area of the facility and especially in the OR is essential.

There are many different flooring options available, but here are three important factors to consider:

  • Operating rooms are subject to stringent cleaning procedures. They are sterilized thoroughly after every procedure. As a result, the floor must be a material that can withstand the chemicals required for sanitization. It is also advisable to select a flooring product that will be stain resistant. This will simplify the cleaning process.
  • Operating rooms must have seamless floors. The first step to creating a hygienic floor is to select a product that will result in a smooth, seamless surface that resists chipping or gouging. Any indentations in a floor could harbor unwanted bacteria. It’s important to note that the newest operating room tables and robotic surgery equipment are heavier than in the past, which means floor indentation and gouging may be a greater concern than before.
  • Operating rooms must have floors that can be sanitized quickly. A trend in large hospitals is hybrid operating room suites which allow multiple procedures to be completed without moving the patient to a different surgical area. Hybrid ORs are 30% to 50% larger than traditional operating rooms and there is less downtime between surgeries. The flooring used in these suites must support fast, but thorough cleansing.

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