Industrial Distribution CenterFact, one of the biggest challenges the manufacturing industry faces with regards to industrial flooring is routine maintenance and repair. Depending on the type of production facility, companies typically need to recoat or replace flooring every 5-10 years. During this process, reducing downtime is crucial to avoid any loss of revenue. Shutting down a production floor is rarely an option. Therefore, manufacturers need to be strategic in their planning and execution of maintenance and replacement of commercial flooring at large facilities.

Heavy wear and tear is the hallmark of a shop floor. Under constant stress from foot-traffic, machinery, oils and chemicals used in production, and general abrasion from harsh cleansing and sanitization, a manufacturing plant flooring needs to be both safe and strong. A floor’s durability is tested regularly and under extreme scrutiny from OSHA, the EPA, and local state and federal regulatory agencies. New flooring technology has given way to longer-lasting, more impervious materials that can reduce manufacturing downtime and minimize the need to recoat sooner.

With multiple options including epoxy resin, urethane floors, MMA, and polished concrete available on the market, before making a decision, manufacturers should assess the general environment to determine the best solution for your business. By doing this, you will be narrowing down your options and creating a more customized, cost-effective solution that will keep your facility up and running and avoid costly violations.

icon-little-downtimeConsiderations When Replacing Manufacturing Facility Flooring:
1) Level of resistance needed to acid, alkali, oils, solvents and chemicals
2) Waterproofing, vapor mitigation and adequate drainage requirements
3) Durability to withstand stressors such as mobile equipment, heavy machinery, and tire tread
4) Thermal shock resistance and static reduction
5) Seamless and slip resistant surfaces that meets guidelines

BB_large_remarketing_300x250 As the Northeast’s leading commercial coatings and concrete company, Black Bear has partnered with numerous manufacturing plants and large facilities including SMC Molding & Manufacturing, GF Solutions, and Vitasoy USA. We engineer solutions for shop floors, storage and common areas, and office space for manufacturing facilities.

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An important part of the Black Bear process is getting to know each client’s unique requirements. We walk each specific space, and get to understand the environment as a whole to ensure the right solution is put into place. This guarantees a longer-lasting industrial floor system that offers greater stability and safety, and saves your company time and money in the long run.

With over 25 years of experience, our crews have the skills required to create a floor that meets each client’s unique maintenance and aesthetic needs.

Black Bear is a leading concrete and coatings flooring company that serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). Rest assured that we have the staff, equipment, and expertise needed to make your floor project a success. We spend time upfront to assess each client’s needs, identify the best flooring solution, engage in the right preparation, and then install the floor using industry best practices. We’d love to help your company.

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