With a wide range of custom color chips blends available, epoxy flooring can be effective and beautiful!

When businesses are looking for the best flooring solution which can stand up to intense stressors, while lasting for years with minimal maintenance, epoxy coatings are the go-to choice.  Concrete coated with epoxy creates a single seamless coated surface which is exceptionally strong, capable of supporting anything from a busy car showroom to a warehouse full of heavy equipment.

Just some of the benefits of epoxy flooring include:

  • Low costs to obtain and install.
  • High strength and resistance to crushing damage.
  • Durable, easy to clean, and low maintenance.
  • Fast-curing options for quick installation.
  • Resistant to biological contamination.
  • Resistant to many chemicals, even strong acids/bases.
  • Long lifespan, typically at least 10-20 years.
  • Custom blends are available for specialty applications.
  • Custom color combinations and decorative applications.

Epoxy flooring can be found in warehouses, restaurants, showrooms, biomedical facilities, food & beverage processing plants, marijuana grow operations, schools, museums, exhibition halls, car garages, and more.

However, people often think that an epoxy-coated floor must be bland and utilitarian.  This is incorrect!  In fact, there are numerous styles and colors for epoxy flooring which can match any ‘look’ you want for your operation.


Epoxy can truly be effective and beautiful!


Your Style Options In Epoxy Flooring

I. Colored Epoxy Floor Coatings: What colors does floor epoxy come in?

For starters, pigments can be added into the epoxy mix to create virtually any color or hue imaginable.  Forget the light gray basecoat. Basic colors include all the regular primary and secondary colors, and they can then be blended to create custom colors if desired.  A good epoxy flooring contractor should be able to match to almost any color sample provided.  Creating an epoxy floor that matches your corporate colors or interior decoration is easy!


II. Color Chip / Flake Epoxy Floor Coating: What are the flakes in epoxy floors?

Looking to add more texture to your epoxy flooring?  An inexpensive option is adding color chips or flakes to the epoxy, typically from stone or minerals like quartz.  These colored chips spread throughout the epoxy as it hardens, creating a look somewhat like granite or another speckled rock.  It’s pleasant to look at, while still appropriately professional for a working environment. There are pre made blends available, and color chip flakes can be combined in a wide array of color options, to create highly attractive flooring which is still affordable.

Do you have a style or unique texture in mind? We can create a custom color chip blend for your project!


III. Quartz Epoxy Coatings: What is quartz epoxy flooring?

Quartz epoxy flooring is a custom flooring solution comprised of a combination of quartz sand and calcium carbonate. As one of the naturally hardest materials on earth, quartz is an excellent flooring solution for commercial spaces that receive heavy amounts of foot traffic and daily wear and tear.

Is quartz expensive? Quartz is one of the more expensive types of flooring available and is almost double the cost of an epoxy floor with standard color chips, another popular choice.

Is quartz flooring slippery? Quartz epoxy flooring is a high-traction surface. This means it becomes less slippery than many other coated surfaces when wet, making it a good choice for bathroom floors.


IV. Metallic Epoxy Floors: What is metallic epoxy floor coating?

Are you looking for flooring that’s intended for public-facing spaces, and you want it to truly wow people?  That’s what you get from metallic epoxy.  This variation incorporates tiny metal particles into the resin mixture.  Once spread and hardened, they turn into absolutely dazzling swirls of rainbow color. Better yet, every metallic epoxy floor is completely unique – the pattern results from a complicated combination of elements.  No one will have a floor quite like yours.

These are great for showrooms, foyers, facilities for children, and medicinal marijuana facilities.  Or any other situation where you want a truly dazzling floor which will make people stop and stare.


V. 3D Epoxy Floor Coatings

One of the newest types of epoxy coated surfaces is also one of the most visually stunning: 3D epoxy which incorporates graphics or artwork within the flooring system.

Essentially, a base coat of epoxy is laid down, then an image is put on top of it, followed by another clear coat to lock the image in place.  This could also be done multiple times to create a truly layered image with real depth to it.

We’ve even seen installations with physical elements rising out of the epoxy, such as underwater scenes with rocks protruding above the ‘surface’ of the water/epoxy.  It’s possible to create truly stunning works of floor art!  This could be a great way to decorate a museum, visitor’s center, indoor entertainment venues, and more!

You get all the benefits of painted artwork, or vinyl decals – but with all the strength and resilience of epoxy.  You don’t have to worry about the artwork being damaged by use.  It’ll be a permanent part of the floor, for as long as the epoxy is in use.


Costs Of Epoxy Flooring & Custom Color Chip Blends

Another advantage of epoxy is that it’s one of the most common and ubiquitous types of flooring, making it a highly affordable solution.  The most basic blends can potentially be as cheap as $2 per square foot, although the price will go up depending on how much custom blending is done.

As a broad guideline, chip or flake epoxy is typically $4-$7 / Sq Ft.  Metallic epoxy is around $7-$12 / Sq Ft.  3D epoxy is hard to generalize, since the price will largely depend on the costs of the art or objects being embedded within it.

Other optional additives, such as anti-microbial silver or silica to improve traction, may also add to the cost on a case-by-case basis.


Black Bear Coatings Creates Beautiful Resin Flooring Solutions

As one of the most experienced coated concrete flooring contractors in the northeast, we’ve worked on hundreds of resin flooring projects in every field imaginable.  From museums to biomed facilities, we have the expertise and materials to craft a perfect floor for your needs, while keeping the price competitive.

We happily offer a free on-site consultation to learn how we can design and install better commercial flooring options for your facility. Safety, accuracy and dependability:  that’s Black Bear’s promise and evident in every product we deliver.

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