Polyurethane – often referred to as Urethane – is one of the top choices in flooring in a wide variety of sectors. In commercial and industrial spaces, this type of product can withstand a good deal of environmental impact – resulting in a more cost-effective solution. Urethane flooring has been widely touted for being highly resilient, easy to clean and maintain, and environmentally-friendly.

1 – A Seamless Surface

In typical flooring solutions, such as stones or tiles or other building materials, the seams are a trap waiting to be filled with debris, foods, mold, mildew, bacteria, and more. Urethane flooring is laid down as a single flat uninterrupted surface. This makes it far easier to clean, and far less likely to encourage the growth of dangerous biological elements.

2 – High Scratch and Impact Resistance

Despite being a relatively thin coating, Urethane is resilient and slightly bouncy. This makes it highly resistant to damage from falling objects, as well being somewhat less likely to damage those objects upon impact. Likewise, it’s highly scratch-resistant and can hold up well even in high-use situations involving heavy machinery like forklifts. Depending on the exact formulation used, Urethane can be up to three times as durable as epoxy.

3 – UV Stability

Unlike many other flooring types, Urethane flooring isn’t affected by the UV of the sun’s rays or certain lamp types. It won’t discolor or begin to break down. This makes it a good option for environments that will see a lot of sunlight, or labs were intense UV lights are deployed.

4 – High Chemical Resistance

There are very few chemicals in use, including highly reactive chemicals like industrial solvents and acids, which can do significant damage to a Urethane floor. It’s virtually always the top choice in flooring materials for spaces involving heavy-duty chemicals, especially given that it’s non-absorbent and extremely easy to clean.

5 – Fast Curing

Urethane floors are relatively fast to dry and become ready for general usage, often just in a day or two depending on how many coatings are being laid. Other materials can take up to a week to become usable. This makes Urethane a great option when you’re looking to minimize downtime while installing or maintaining your floor.

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