marijuana cultivation center flooringResinous floor coatings are the perfect choice for cultivation center flooring. We recommend them thoroughly for anyone looking to enter the booming field of medicinal marijuana.

Cultivation sites must adhere to strict cleanliness and hygiene standards, which is a lot more attainable using resinous coatings such as epoxy or polyurethane. The smooth seamless surface of these floor coatings makes them simple to clean, and the right additives provide an extra layer of anti-microbial protection.

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retail flooring

When they enter a store, most consumers are focused on locating the perfect find. Whether they are just browsing or there with intent of purchasing a specific item, buyers rarely notice the floors beneath their feet. Owners and managers however, are conscientious of the impact commercial retail flooring can have on their business.

Environmental Impact
Buying trends are continuously evaluated based on several factors, one of which is climate. Weather influences commerce. And, commercial flooring is also subject to the weather. Change in seasons and shifting temps in New England bring precipitation that can have a negative effect on floors. Tracking moisture from rain and puddles can lead to slippery surfaces and increase liability concerns for business owners. Salts and snowmelt can also deteriorate a store’s commercial flooring solution if it’s not engineered appropriately.

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vapor mitigation for industrial flooringOne of the most common misconceptions we hear about industrial flooring is the idea that concrete is impermeable. This belief tends to lead people to install plain concrete floors in their industrial facility topped by epoxies or tiles – thinking it would save money – only to see their flooring wrecked within a matter of months or years.

The truth is, even the densest concrete formulation is not impermeable, and there is always the chance of liquids or gases making their way through the slab over time.  This is why it is so critical that you use vapor mitigation for industrial flooring.

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learn where to use metallic epoxy floor coatingsMetallic epoxy floor coatings for commercial and industrial spaces are the perfect marriage of beauty and durability. This type of coating is an ideal choice for many different areas of a single business – allowing for reliability and customization. Continue reading to learn where to use metallic epoxy flooring at your business.

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Often overlooked yet fairly prominent in the manufacturingflooring solutions space, casket production facilities adhere to strict compliance when it comes to industrial flooring. There are several different areas within a casket manufacturing plant including receiving bays for lumber and materials, production spaces, shipping areas, and the typical lavatories, lockers, break rooms and office spaces. And with so much of the labor requiring employees to be on their feet most of the day, it’s important that an industrial floor system provides a safe working environment to avoid any on-site incidents.

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Do your workersanti-slip flooring frequently handle liquids?  Do you have a shop such as a grocery store where spills will be common?  Do you find yourself having to deal with a large number of slip-and-fall accidents?

If so, then it’s time for new flooring – anti-slip flooring.  Epoxy coatings can be formulated to give workers extra grip, even on wet floors, which will greatly reduce the risk of slip-and-fall accidents at your workplace.  These anti-slip epoxy floorings are affordable to install, long-lasting, and perfect for a wide variety of business types.

In the long-run, they can easily save you money, making anti-slip flooring an excellent investment.

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solvent based vs solids based vs water based epoxyEpoxy floor coatings are a great choice for a wide variety of businesses. Epoxy gives you a strong, durable floor that’s extremely easy to clean and hard for contaminants to grow on. You can even get metallic epoxy variations, which produce a dazzling swirled look that wows visitors. However, not all epoxies are the same. In fact, there are three basic types: solids-based, solvent-based, and water-based epoxy. Each has their uses, just depending on the situation. Which is right for your floor? Here are the major differences between solvent based vs solids based vs water based epoxy!

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Concord Cheese ShopCertain industries rely heavily on commercial flooring solutions to support the well-being of employees and customers, as well as uphold safety standards imposed by regulatory agencies. Food and beverage businesses fall into this category, and require flooring to adhere to rigorous guidelines.

Typically, commercial flooring for food service businesses such as restaurants, grocers, and manufacturing plants, must be engineered to meet a specific set of requirements. Stress factors inducing machinery tread, foot traffic, moisture and food byproducts are considerations when opting for new or replacement flooring. At Black Bear, we value-engineer flooring solutions that are tailored for each environment and meet the needs of the individual client. Popular commercial floor systems for food and beverage businesses include:

Ideal for optimum protection in manufacturing and wet spaces, urethane flooring can withstand the stringent conditions found in food and beverage industries. Urethane is highly durable and thermal shock resistant. From commercial oven use to freezers, urethane flooring won’t crack in sub-zero temperatures and high heat. A non-porous finish can offer the bacteria and chemical resistance that will maintain both the integrity and sustainability of the floor, to provide a safe and longer-lasting product.
Benefits: Hygienic | Durable | Chemical Resistant | Thermal Shock Resistant| Attractive Finishes | Low Maintenance | Slip Resistant | Water-proof | Environmentally Friendly

Combining high durability with low maintenance, epoxy floors are regarded as a popular option for high-traffic areas in the industry. However, epoxy floors are much better suited for shipping and receiving areas, packaging, maintenance areas, office spaces, lobbies, break-rooms, and hallways. This flooring system offers little to no thermal shock resistance and only limited protection against food byproducts and acids. For this reason, it is seldom selected for manufacturing and processing spaces. Additional formula may be necessary to safeguard the floors against corrosive elements in food and beverage handling areas.
Benefits: Seamless | Hygienic | Durable | Attractive Finishes | Water-proof | Slip Resistant

When a fast curing solution is needed, MMA flooring can provide a speedy installation of seamless, hygienic floors. Available is a variety of colors and finishes, MMA floors are durable and low maintenance. Methyl Methacrylate is an effective replacement system that minimizes downtime, and can help to fast-track new construction.
Benefits: Seamless | Hygienic | Quick Installation | Durable | Attractive Finishes | Low Maintenance | Slip Resistant | Chemical Resistant

Black Bear Coatings & Concrete are experts at installing longer-lasting commercial flooring solutions for food and beverage companies. Our skilled professionals are well-versed in regulatory needs, and the use of HEPA-filtered machinery to ensure a safe and effective product. With over 25 years of collective experience, the team at Black Bear can assess your space and create a customized solution for your particular business.

Black Bear is a leading concrete and coatings flooring company that serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). Rest assured that we have the staff, equipment, and expertise needed to make your floor project a success.


Commercial kitchens in restaurants, cafeterias, hotels and hospitals are subject to constant stress. Harsh cleaning products can damage floors; moisture and food byproducts can seep into substrate and cause bacteria and mold; and buckling and slick conditions can result in major safety concerns.

Commercial kitchen flooring has evolved over the last decade. There are numerous options that couple function with fashion, and sustainability and safety.

Five things to consider when selecting industrial flooring for your commercial kitchen include:

1. Safety as a Priority
For the benefit of your employees and customers, a skid-resistant, non-slip, and seamless flooring system that will protect from the dangers of trips and falls is a top priority for commercial kitchen managers.

2. Sanitization and Maintenance
Commercial kitchens are subject to very rigid standards when it comes to hygiene and sterility. Floors are cleaned and sanitized daily to avoid contamination. Select a floor that will be easy to maintain, keep clean, and won’t trap moisture to avoid bacteria, mold and fungus.

3. Durability
As a high-traffic area with the constant stress of motion, commercial kitchens require durable flooring. Harsh chemicals and cleaning products used regularly can erode kitchen floors quicker than other areas. Select a product that can withstand industrial strength cleaning agents and will last longer to reduce the need for replacement and repair.

4. Minimizing Downtime
Commercial kitchens have little room for disruption in service. Look for a flooring system that can be installed quickly and easily to reduce any loss of revenue and to keep the slowing of production to a minimum.

5. Visual Appeal
There are several commercial kitchen flooring options that offer customization and design. Select a style that supports the overall look and feel of your environment – from enhancing restaurant décor, to complementing a color scheme in the kitchen’s workspace.

Epoxy, Urethane and MMA flooring systems offer restaurateurs and commercial kitchen designers the benefits of function and aesthetics.

Talk to Black Bear Coatings & Concrete, the experts in commercial kitchen flooring, to value engineer the right solutions for your facility. We would be happy to discuss what solution would best fit your needs. We have years of experience working with industry leaders in a variety of sectors. Black Bear is a leading concrete and coatings flooring company that serves New England – Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Northern Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, as well as New York (north of New York City). Rest assured that we have the staff, equipment, and expertise needed to make your floor project a success.

We spend time upfront to assess each client’s needs, identify the best flooring solution, engage in the right preparation, and then install the floor using industry best practices. We’d love to help your company. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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When engineering a cancer diagnostic center and similar clean rooms you must consider the hygienic and compliance that starts from the ground up.

polyurethane flooring

A medical clean room must be capable of being completely sterilized to provide a safe and usable floor that both patients and staff can walk upon without incident.

There are only a handful of flooring types that are even capable of meeting these – and polyurethane flooring is among the best.

A concrete layer topped with polyurethane coating can easily meet the needs of clean rooms and cancer diagnostic centers, while fitting within tight hospital facility budgets.

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