Resin-coated concrete is the standard flooring in numerous industries, but there are several choices in the type of resin used.    Methyl methacrylate (MMA) is not as commonly used as other options but MMA resins may be the best choice for your commercial floor.

What Is Methyl methacrylate (MMA)?

MMA is a plastic-style organic polymer, created in labs, and used in a range of applications where resinous substances are used.  When applied to a concrete floor, MMA creates a single seamless edge-to-edge surface which can adapt to the topography of any room.

MMA is somewhat more expensive than other resinous flooring materials, such as epoxy – but it also has unique benefits that make it the perfect choice in some situations.


What Are The Benefits Of MMA Flooring?

mma flooring installation

Some of the benefits of MMA are common to all resinous coatings, such as being:

  • Hard, and difficult to damage with excellent abrasion resistance

  • Easy to clean and keep sterile

  • Long-lasting with minimal maintenance

  • Highly resistant to chemicals

  • Grippy and safe to walk on

  • Compliant with government regulations


However, it also has unique properties.  For example:

1 – Fast cure time & installation

MMA resin cures and dries much more quickly than any other type of resinous coating.  Typically, it only requires a few hours before it can be walked on.  An MMA floor installed in the morning is usable by the evening.

By comparison, most other resinous flooring systems require 48-72 hours to fully dry and be usable.  This makes MMA a great option when time is of the essence, or you want to minimize disruption to work.

2 – High UV resistance

Other resinous materials – especially epoxy – tend to be vulnerable to ultraviolet light, such as from sunlight.  They may lose color, become cloudy, or even lose strength and become brittle.

MMA is almost entirely resistant to UV, making it the best option for spaces which see a lot of sunlight, such as foyers with large windows that require UV stability.

3 – Good overall weather resistance

Along with its UV resistance, MMA is strong and can withstand harsh, weather-related elements.  This makes it the preferred concrete coating for any outdoor applications, such as outdoor walkways and sidewalks, or even custom driveways and parking lots.

4 – Cures at almost any temperature

Most other resinous coatings require a relatively warm environment to properly dry and cure, typically above 50F.  MMA has no such requirement, and can still cure even in deep cold, well below zero.

In some cases, MMA is the best choice when doing construction work in the winter, where the temperatures may be unpredictable.  No matter the weather, the MMA will still be able to cure.

5 – Superior ongoing cold resistance at low temperature

Along with curing in low temperatures, cold will not damage MMA even with extended exposure.  This makes MMA the go-to choice for walk-in freezers and other cold rooms. Other resinous coatings will be made brittle by the cold, but not MMA.

6 – Low VOC emissions 

Other resinous coatings have a tendency to emit Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are potentially toxic, particularly during the initial pouring and drying process.  Workers installing epoxy, for example, must wear protective gear and breathers because the fumes created are dangerous. MMA is virtually VOC-free.  It does have a distinctive, slightly fruity smell when poured, but the vapors are non-toxic.

7 – Cheaper installation

MMA may cost more to produce, but in some cases, the higher material costs are offset by lower installation costs.  Since workers don’t need special protective gear, and it’s faster to pour and dry than other types of resinous coating, the installation costs can often be minimized.


Beautify Your Facilities With MMA Flooring

Along with its other benefits, MMA is one of the easier resinous coatings to customize visually.  MMA can come in virtually any color, so it can be blended to match your existing design scheme or official colors.

In addition, you can optionally add flecks of metal, stone, or crystal to create swirled or sparkling looks which are highly eye-catching.  This is another reason MMA is popular for foyers, as well as other public-facing spaces such as gymnasiums.


Who Uses MMA Flooring?

MMA flooring systems are seen in a wide variety of industries and buildings, including:

  • Food and drink preparation

  • Working kitchens

  • Medicinal marijuana facilities

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Product showrooms

  • Foyers and lobbies

MMA may not necessarily be used throughout a building or facility, but for certain rooms and applications, it’s the best option available.


Durable, Longer Lasting MMA Flooring Systems By Black Bear

Black Bear Coatings & Concrete is New England’s most trusted concrete coatings partner for resinous floor systems.  We’ll work with you to engineer the right commercial or industrial floor for your space, and help you decide if MMA is the right choice for your business.  Contact us now for a free on-site consultation and assessment.



  • Fast Curing
  • Chemical Resistant
  • High Durability
  • High UV Resistance
  • Easily Cleaned

Common Uses

  • Restaurants and Bars
  • Retail Stores
  • Showrooms
  • Building Lobbies