The proper approach to concrete surface preparation depends on several factors. One is the type of flooring that was originally used. Another consideration is business requirements. Dustless grinding is a good approach when the business cannot tolerate high dust levels.

With dustless grinding, large planetary machines outfitted with diamond bits are used to grind the surface of the concrete floor. All machines are connected to HEPA filtered vacuums to minimize the amount of dust that is generated. Dustless grinding is often a good solution for facilities that have epoxy or urethane based coatings on their floors. This technique is effective at removing those coatings from concrete. The resulting varied profile is ideal for all types of flooring applications.

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  • Low dust levels
  • Suitable for sites with old epoxy or urethane floor coatings
  • Creates a smooth surface or profile when desired

Common Uses

  • Surface prep
  • Coating removal
  • Concrete polishing