Installing new flooring solutions is just one of many services Black Bear offers. We also partner with clients to help maintain existing concrete flooring and substrate using high performance resinous coatings. From diamond grind and sealers to high performance epoxy and urethane formulas engineered to mitigate risk of contamination, Black Bear offers a number of services and solutions that can breathe new life into a concrete floor and help you maintain your investment for years to come.

Vapor Mitigation Solutions
Concrete is porous, and even the smallest amount of moisture or humidity in the concrete can make its way upwards, putting the integrity of your existing concrete floor in question.  Black Bear can lay down waterproof underlayerments or engineer a cementitious top-coat which locks moisture within the concrete, protecting everything above. Underlayerments will also prevent liquids on the surface of the floor from seeping in and making their way into the substrate. This is particularly important if you deal with chemicals that could contaminate soil or groundwater.

The Process of Grinding and Sealing
Looking for a way to maintain existing concrete without the need to rip it out and lay new foundation?  Grind and seal may be the right process for you. Black Bear can diamond grind the top layer to smooth the surface and remove any staining or damage, and then protect the concrete with a thin layer of sealant on top.  This is a cost-effective way to revitalize a floor without having to install a full resinous system.

Small Patch Repairs
While concrete is quite durable, it can damage easily even with formulated resinous coatings. Under extreme stressors such as heavy falling objects and machinery, your floor may endure chips or cracks. Small patch repairs are an easy fix. Black Bear can cordon off the small space and match the repaired area with the existing floor to once again, give you a seamless surface without the need for a full renovation.  This can extend the lifespan of your floor for years, while restoring its pristine condition.

Free On-Site Assessments
If you’re considering repairing or replacing a commercial or industrial floor, are exploring options to get your flooring up to code, or are in the process of retro-fitting an existing space with the right floor solution, Black Bear will come out and provide a free on-site evaluation. We do a full survey and assessment of your workplace and existing flooring, to value-engineer a solution for compliance, safety, and longevity. We have niche expertise in the flooring industry with years of experience partnering with medical facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers and biotech labs, food & beverage services, municipalities, and cannabis facilities to name a few. Our recommendations will align with your industry’s unique regulations and are customized to your individual environment.

Maintenance Guidelines & Recommendations
People underestimate the value of proper maintenance. One of our most valuable services to clients actually takes place post-installation and repair. To protect the durability of your floor, proper maintenance is required. Before we mark any jobsite complete, we walk property and facility managers through the maintenance process and recommend ways to care for your concrete floor. This is particularly important when using harsh chemicals or sanitization processes. Black Bear provides the insight to keep your floors at optimal performance for years to come.


With over 30 years of combined expertise engineering and installing flawless urethane and epoxy seamless floor solutions, our team is the trusted professional in this niche industry. We value-engineer flooring solutions based on the environmental factors that could impact the longevity of your floor. This provides a longer-lasting product. Our pioneering installation techniques that result in industry standard ensures a timely, accurate delivery. We minimize disruption in operations and keep the focus on your business.

Contact us directly for more information about our epoxy, urethanepolished concrete, and MMA flooring solutions. Request a free, on-site assessment to learn how Black Bear can provide a compliant, visually appealing, and durable floor for your business.