For more than twenty years, Black Bear Coatings and Concrete has been one of the top sources for commercial and industrial flooring solutions in the northeast. One of the reasons a wide range of companies turn to us for flooring is that we never treat floors as a ‘one size fits all’ proposition.

Engineering the right floor should be a process that specifically tailors each solution to the needs of the individual business, as well as the spaces, for best long-term results. We utilize a process we call “reverse engineering.” Before even talking solutions, we do a detailed on-site evaluation and ask some key questions about how the floor will be used. That’s how we create exceptional floors, every time.

Questions Involved in the “Reverse Engineering” Process

    1. What kind of business is it?
      This is the most basic question, but it’s also a great starting point. What kind of business is done will define, in large part, how the floor is used. This dictates aspects such as how much foot traffic to expect, or whether the floor will need to stand up to heavy machines like forklifts and cherry-pickers.
    2. Who will be using the floor?
      Again, understanding traffic is crucial to good flooring. How many people will be on the floor daily? Are they employees or customers? What sort of activities or tasks will they be performing? This may seem trivial but it’s actually quite telling in when evaluating everyday stressors for a floor.
    3. What chemicals or environments will be involved?
      Some floors are just basic offices or warehouses, but others have special requirements. They might be hot or cold rooms, for specific purposes, or particularly toxic or caustic chemicals may be involved. This will directly affect what coating blends we choose.
    4. How often is the current floor maintained or repaired?
      Learning about the maintenance history of the current floor will tell us a lot about what we should compensate for in the new flooring solution. The goal is to reduce or prevent those maintenance problems in the first place.
    5. What regulations and inspections are required for your particular industry?
      We’re familiar many of the state and federal compliance regulations as they pertain to commercial or industrial flooring, however we like to get the details to ensure all requirements are met (and exceeded).

The reverse engineering process is thoroughly understanding your business, floor stressors, and ultimately the objectives of a new commercial or industrial coatings solution. It’s all about maintaining the integrity of the floor and performance. If you’re undertaking a new build or refurbishing a space and need the right floor solution, contact us for an on-site consultation.

From healthcare to manufacturing solutions, education to municipal projects, Black Bear specializes in high quality concrete coatings including epoxy, urethane, and MMA solutions for commercial clients.