why you should consider antimicrobial flooringThere are certain areas of business where antimicrobial flooring is clearly needed, such as biomedical research or food preparation. However, that raises the question: is there any situation where antimicrobial flooring wouldn’t be a worthwhile investment?

After all, most resinous floor coatings can receive a treatment of antimicrobial additives or products that will render the floor resistant to most unwanted life. If you’re already looking towards using floor coatings to enhance and complete your concrete floor, adding antimicrobial properties just makes sense.

Why It Makes Sense To Utilize Antimicrobial Flooring

  • Two-in-one protection

One of the big benefits to resinous coatings is that they create a smooth and seamless surface, even on floors with unusual topography. This seamless surface is inherently hostile to bacteria, mold, mildew, and other invaders because it gives them no good place to breed. It’s also extremely easy to clean, using standard cleaning products.

Adding an antimicrobial coating doubles your protection, and makes it nearly impossible for any known microbial life to exist on the floor for long.

  • Keep your workforce healthy

Whether it’s a good idea or not, a lot of workers come into work when they’re sick. This creates an inherent problem for business owners – they don’t want to lose productivity to sick days, but an entire workforce that’s sick will lose a lot of productivity anyway.

Antimicrobial flooring systems help reduce the chances of diseases spreading around the workforce. There won’t be as much concern about whether anything dropped on the floor is safe to touch.

  • More ability to repurpose rooms

If every floor surface in your facility is already treated to resist microbial life, then that gives you more options in how you make use of your floor plan. For example, break rooms could be moved around. You’d never have to worry about workers prepping their lunch in a non-sanitary environment. This also makes it easier to convert existing rooms into clean rooms, should the need arise.

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