commercial concrete coatings for campus flooring projectsA hallmark of colleges and universities are typically expansive buildings and grounds. Each area unique in its look and feel, as well as its purpose.

One of the biggest considerations, when architecting new spaces, or renovating and repairing areas on campus, is the floor system that is installed. Both indoors and out, commercial flooring solutions for college campuses have significant safety implications, impact budget and financial allocations for the school, and should support or enhance the look and feel of the environment in which it’s installed.

Black Bear, the Northeast’s leading industrial flooring experts, partners with general contractors and facility managers at colleges and universities to provide longer lasting campus flooring solutions. Our epoxy, urethane, MMA, and polished concrete coatings are customized for each individual space for optimal results.

Different Spaces. Different Campus Flooring Solutions.
Parking lots, walkways, and open spaces on campuses shuffle traffic on a regular basis and are subject to extreme wear and tear. Stairwells and hallways need to be slip resistant and durable. Science labs, clean rooms, and technology areas need to withstand harsh elements including compound chemicals and high heat sanitization. Lavatories and locker room flooring need to be waterproof and include proper drainage to avoid corrosion of substrate and contamination of adjacent spaces. There are numerous considerations when determining the right flooring for a college campus. The varied use of space requires different resins, additives, and installation procedures.

At Black Bear, we use a proven methodology referred to as reverse-engineering. Our team conducts a thorough on-site evaluation to know exactly how the space is used, what influences may compromise the integrity of the floor, and how it will be maintained. By understanding these elements, we are able to provide an innovative solution that meets and exceeds innate challenges and environmental impact. This allows us to formulate and install the best flooring product for each space for increased durability and a more reliable floor.

From new building installations to repair and replacement of failing floors on college campuses, Black Bear has partnered with higher education institutions throughout New England. In addition to stronger, compliant floors, we’ve completed detailed customization from stenciled inlays for athletic facilities, to branded colors that enhance the aesthetics of each area. Black Bear has value-engineered solutions for Harvard, Babson, Massasoit Community College, Wellesley, and Springfield College.

Black Bear teams will work within your scheduled downtime periods, and complete construction during off hours to avoid disruption on campus. Give us a call at 978-405-0017, or contact us for a free on-site consultation to learn how we can design and install a better campus flooring solution for your school. Safety, accuracy and dependability, that’s Black Bear’s promise and evident in every product we deliver.

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