secondary containmentWhether you are designing or building a new facility handling contaminated materials, toxic fluids, dilute detergent, or other dangerous liquids, or have a current property with corrosive chemicals on site, your security protocols are only as strong as your secondary containment system.

Secondary containment can be relied upon in the case that your primary containment is breached, and in many instances, is required to pass OSHA and EPA regulations when inspected.  It should also be noted that few in the concrete and coatings industry have the expertise and the licensure to complete such industrial jobs so it’s important to seek out those with the proper credentials.

Why Coated Concrete Is The Right Choice For Many Secondary Containment Systems

When it comes to constructing a facility, concrete has several major benefits.  It’s easy to work with, and can be poured to conform to any space.  Once hardened, it’s extremely durable and can last a long time.  Plus its strength is high enough to handle large loads throughout its lifespan.

The only issue is that concrete is extremely porous, which would allow a theoretical spill to become trapped within the concrete.  The solution to this is simple: resinous coatings.

Resinous materials, such as epoxy or vinyl ester resin, can be poured over top of the concrete to create an almost perfect surface for containing even highly dangerous, toxic, or corrosive spills.  The resin creates a smooth, unbroken surface that does not allow the liquid to penetrate to the concrete below.

A cove edge is typically used to reinforce the seamless system and these resins are highly resistant to nearly all chemicals, so they can contain many fluids that no other floor/wall coatings would be able to.

Trust Black Bear To Ensure Secondary Containment Systems are Up to Code and Remain in Tact

While nothing lasts forever, proper installation of the right engineered system will hold up over time – providing maximum protection for your business. When looking for a contractor to engineer a secondary containment system, your options may be limited but that doesn’t mean you should settle for anything less than ideal. Black Bear Coatings and Concrete never compromises on products and technique.  We are one of the only contractors in the Northeast licensed to handle such work, and experienced in evaluating and formulating the right coatings for secondary containment.

Whether you are a safety or facilities engineer in need of a consultation to maintain secondary containment areas, or a facilities manager looking to contain storage areas of machinery batteries and other materials that could leak acidic and corrosive substances, contact us directly to consult on your project. Partner with Black Bear and protect against potential hazards and lawsuits stemming from contamination leaks, the reputation of your business depends on it.