If you sufferedfloor coating a chemical leak within your facilities, would your floor be able to keep it from becoming an environmental issue?

The Environmental Protection Agency has strict regulations on the handling of any chemicals that might potentially leak into the ground, or the groundwater.  These can impact even businesses not traditionally seen as being polluting.  For example, large batteries – such as those used in electric forklifts – must be stored in a location capable of withstanding a catastrophic battery acid leak.  If a leak occurs, and the acid makes it into the soil, that company is going to be in for a very bad time.

Fortunately, there is a highly affordable solution that can prevent contamination from all but the most caustic of substances: resinous floor coatings.

Resinous Floor Coatings Protect The Soil – And Yourself!

Flooring solutions based on resinous coatings are simple.  First, a simple concrete substrate is laid, cleaned, and smoothed.  Then a resin – usually either epoxy or polyurethane – is poured over top.  This is one of the easiest and most affordable ways of making a functional commercial/industrial floor, yet it brings numerous benefits to a safety-minded operation.

Resinous coatings are hard.  An epoxy floor is one of the hardest options you can choose, easily capable of holding up large machinery such as forklifts or steamrollers.  The floor is difficult to damage, even with direct impact.  Even if it is damaged in one spot, it’s relatively easy to patch with more resin.

Resinous coatings resist chemicals.  Along with its physical strength, most epoxies are also highly resistant to most commonplace alkaline or acidic chemicals.  In addition, the epoxy blend can also be enhanced for protection against specific chemicals, if you utilize something exotic in your processes.

Resinous coatings are smooth and unbroken.  Another major benefit to these coatings is that they create a single seamless surface that spans the entire area.  This means there are no cracks for spilled chemicals to seep into, and makes them exceptionally easy to clean.

Resinous coatings last for years.  At a minimum, you should expect your epoxy or polyurethane floor to last a decade.  With care and frequent cleaning, it can last even longer.  Then, when the day comes to replace it, often you can just lay a new coat and keep on going.

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